The Arc Alliance – Serving and Supporting Individuals and their families

13Since 1951 The Arc Alliance has been a family focused grassroots charitable organization. Our history is rich with pivotal actions, advocacy, and groundbreaking movements that have altered the landscape of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities environment.  Through it all family has been the underlying and influential dynamic that pulls us together and propels us forward.  The Arc Alliance is here to support individuals with Intellectual and developmental disabilities and their family moving toward independence and active involvement in their community!

In the early years of the movement The Arc Alliance (then The Arc of Montgomery County) was a unifying agency for mothers to join together and have their voices heard. Over time and with much work, systems changed, barriers were taken down and the Intellectual and developmental disabilities movement gained momentum. As families joined together and The Arc Alliance strengthened (and changed names – The Arc of Montgomery, Berks and Bucks Counties) it was clear that more was required. Lack of services for infants, educational systems based on segregation and institutionalization of those with disabilities still maintained a foothold in our society. Together The Arc Alliance and families advocated for the rights of loved ones with disabilities and fought for change.

As time moved on changes did take placSCe, services and support became more available, and the community at large became more aware of the abilities verses the disabilities of those with special needs.  During this time The Arc Alliance provided advocacy, expanded services into Early Intervention for children, birth to three years of age and maintained a strong presence in Harrisburg and Washington DC fighting for system change.

Throughout our dynamic history it has been clear, although The Arc Alliance provides compassionate and professional services and support, as well as dynamic work advocating for the rights individuals with special needs, our engagement with family both in providing and receiving support has been the most critical in the success of the individuals we serve with special needs.DSCN0100

Although together we have come a long way, there is much more to be accomplished. As a family and with your support, we know that with the appropriate services and supports, each individual with special needs can be a productive member of the community sharing in all the rights we all hold dear.

The Arc Alliance and our family of agencies are excited to be part of the progress your loved one can achieve. As a family focused charitable organization we are honored to count you as part of our family.