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Pennsylvanians with Disabilities

Want to Work, Deserve to Work, and

Employers Need Them to Work

Make Pennsylvania an “Employment First” State for all Tens of thousands of Pennsylvania teenagers and young adults with disabilities want to work.

While the… Continue reading

Down Syndrome – You need a PR Manager

When we are faced with challenging news about our life and especially about our children, it’s hard to know how we will react. When the challenge is disability related it, seems that everything we are presented focuses on the … Continue reading

Chandler Balch – Tech Two!

Hello everybody,

Today my blog will be about more technology related topics. To be so specific, I would like to talk about the iPad and the apps that I use to do school work. Last time, I posted a blog… Continue reading

ABLE Act Passes House and Senate

We are thrilled to report that a few moments ago the United States Senate passed the ABLE Act which will now head to the President’s desk to become law!

After 8 years of hard work, families are one step closer… Continue reading

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