IMG_2072As The Arc Alliance supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities it is crucial for us to support parents and families. Together we can establish an community that respects and treats all people equally.

As a self-Advocate, parent, family member or friend, I trust you find the following articles and resources helpful in your  journey!

Older Children and Adults

8 Concepts from adult learning you can use to support caregivers
Adaptation interventions to promote participation in natural setting


Infants and Young Children

Helping children express their wants and needs
Infant brains more engaged when playing with interactive toys
Making the most of playtime
Make Life Easier – Bedtime and Naptime
Make Life Easier – Diapering
Make Life Easier – Running Errands
Secrets for preventing problems behaviors
Teaching you child to cooperate with requests
Positive discipline
Teaching you child to become independent with daily routines
The social role of imitation in autism
Your baby’s development birth to 36 months
Everyday ways to support your baby’s and toddler’s early learning
Healthy from the start-how feeding your young child’s body, heart and mind
Responding to your child’s bite
A Feeding Guide for Good Nutrition – Food Groups and Serving Sizes
Ways to Help a Child Who is Underweight


Easy and Creative Language Tools

Building Your Child’s Speech Skills
Help Your Child Listen and Learn
Using Sign Language to Help Your Child Learn to Talk
Using Outdoor Play to Expand Your Child’s Language Skills
Using Music to Expand Your Child’s Speech and Language Skills
Using Books To Expand Your Child’s Communications Skills
Using Art to Promote Speech and Language Skills
Nature and Gardening Activities for Language Stimulation
Language on the Go (Daytrip and Vacation Ideas)
Language in the House
Holiday Toy Ideas
Cooking Up Language Activities

Adult and Parent Resource

SC – overview

Services in the DD System