137: Jung Pauli and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession - download pdf or read online

By Arthur I. Miller

ISBN-10: 0393071308

ISBN-13: 9780393071306

Title note: initially released in 2009, in hardcover as Deciphering the Cosmic quantity: The unusual Friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung

Is there a host on the root of the universe? A primal quantity that every thing on the planet hinges on?

This query exercised many nice minds of the 20th century, between them the groundbreaking physicist Wolfgang Pauli and the recognized psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Their obsession with the facility of definite numbers—including 137, which describes the atom’s fine-structure consistent and has nice Kabbalistic significance—led them to strengthen an not likely friendship and to embark on a joint mystical quest attaining deep into medieval alchemy, dream interpretation, and the chinese language ebook of alterations.

137 explores the profound intersection of contemporary technology with the occult, yet principally it's the story of a unprecedented, fruitful friendship among of the best thinkers of our instances.

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1987, p. 47) W ith the m ajor exception o f the w ork o f Piaget (1947), whose form ula­ tions regarding signs and representations rely on the distinctions drawn initially 34 DEVELOPMENTAL SEM IO TICS by Peirce and Saussure, we find that “the ontogenetic developm ent o f signs, w hich ought to be o f central interest in semiotics, has been neglected as a spe­ cial field o f semiotic inquiry” (Krampen, 1986, p. 153). Despite our uncertainty, we can tentatively consider how the field o f devel­ opm ental semiotics suggests a movem ent from enacted iconicity to the index to the symbol.

26). For Peirce a sign does Semiotic Perspectives on the Dyad 33 n o t simply refer to an object; in place o f such an unm ediated dual relation, Peirce introduces the notion o f the “interpretant” w hich is roughly equivalent to the sign’s m eaning as distinct from its referent. Peirce succinctly defined a sign as follows: A sign stands for something to the idea which it produces, or modifies . That for w hich it stands is called its object; that which it conveys, its mean­ ing; and the idea to w hich it gives rise, its interpretant.

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