A Theory of Distributed Objects - download pdf or read online

By Denis Caromel, Ludovic Henrio, Luca Cardelli

ISBN-10: 3540208666

ISBN-13: 9783540208662

Deals an intensive evaluate of concurrent languages and calculi, with finished figures and summaries. provides and analyses many implementation options that could easily be utilized by builders of allotted platforms.

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Discrete-Time Signal Processing, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1998. 5. , Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, California State University, Sacramento, 2003. 1 Brief Theory of Discrete-Time Fourier Transform, Discrete Fourier Transform, and Fast Fourier Transform In the previous chapter, the Z-transform was shown to be an effective tool in linking the time and frequency domains of a discrete-time signal x(n). However, in order to specify practical properties of discrete-time systems, such as low-pass filtering or high-pass filtering, it is necessary to transform the complex z-plane to the real-frequency, ω, axis.

2 Problem Solving Exercise 1: Solve the following problems, briefly outlining the important steps. a. 2, where h 1 ( n) = δ ( n − 1) + 3δ ( n) h 2 ( n) = δ ( n − 2) + 2δ ( n) h 3 ( n) = 6δ ( n − 6) + 7δ ( n − 4 ) − 3δ ( n − 1) + δ ( n) b. 2 Figure for problem (a). fmPage27Wednesday,November17,200411:47AM Discrete-Time Signals and Systems 27 i. Find expressions for a minimum-phase system H1(z) and an allpass system Hap(z) such that: H ( z ) = H 1 ( z ) H ap ( z ) ii. Plot the pole-zero plots of H(z), H1(z), and Hap(z).

Plot the frequency response H2(ejw) for the system whose impulse response is as follows: h2(n) = h(n/2), n = 0, ±2, ±4, … h2(n) = 0, otherwise iii. Plot the frequency response H3(ejω) for the system whose impulse response is h3(n) = ejπnh(n). b. 6 with input x(n) and output y(n). The LTI systems shown with frequency response Hlp (ejw) are ideal low-pass filters with cutoff frequency π/4 rad. and unity gain in the passband. Show that the overall system acts as an ideal bandstop filter, where the stopband is in the region π/4 ≤ ΈωΈ ≤ 3π/4.

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