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Y: = vapor composition in equilibrium with the liq at the given point on plate n. xn = composition of the liquid stream leaving at the given point from the plate n. x n _ 1 = composition of the liquid stream reaching the given point on the n-th plate * Xn = liquid composition in equilibrium with the vapor at the given point on plate n. Therefore, y n - y n+1 = change in vap composition effected at the given point by the n-th actual plate. y: - y n+l = change in vap composition effected at the given point by the n-th theoretical plate.

P =partial pressure of the solute in the bulk gas phase, Pa. Pi = partial pressure of the solute in the gas film at the interface, Pa. The interfacial area is the actual mass transfer area between liq and gas phases. This area is not necessarily the same as the geometrical surface area of the tower packing. The product: a x AZ represents the total interfacial area within the entire packed bed. If the driving force of absorption process is expressed with respect to the liquid phase (Ax = xi - x), the mass transfer expression becomes: ...

And as such the absorption tower must be infinitely large. The slope of the OL at which the OL touches the VLE-line represents the limiting liq-gas ratio. Since G is fixed, Ls becomes Ls min when OL touches the VLE-line. Vb W (fJ « I a. J 0 (fJ u. J 0 ~ MOLE RATIO OF SOLUTE IN LIQUID PHASE Fig. 1. Minimum Liq-Gas Ratio in Absorption. 2]. The liq-gas ratio for such systems is the slope of the operating line (AC) passing thru the point C that corresponds to an exit-liq concentration in equilibrium with the entering gas.

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