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5 ~,~(/J) agraint£, wth regression~lnes, for (a) flow and (b) H--ion concentration 33 450 500 8 Recommendations The measurement of an environmental process often produces data which are discretized. Using such data to analyse extremes will, in general, under-appreciate the true extremes of the process; estimates of extremes based upon the data therefore require correction. 5 which is supplemented by numerical examples. Where applicable, the conclusions of each chapter are consolidated into practical recommendations for malkng corrections to mean period maxima (or minima).

Respectively, the values of parameters b, a', rection model. and D. in the cor- Ll, L2, L3: L-mean and L-moment ratios (L-cv and L-skewness respectively) of period maxima/minima for duration D=1. See Hosking (1990). Ll is expressed in the same units as mean. Abbrevviations Alt. - altitude AAR - average annual rainfall SAAR - standard period (1941-70) average annual rainfall Site-nane: Alwen at Druid (catchment 67006) Location: North Wales Particulars: catchment area 185km', SAAR 1260m; gauge 59 centrally located Climate: Cool temperate; mainly frontal rainfall Record & dates mean cv skew d (l) 15-minute carchmenr rainfall .

The regression regression ratio falls median ratio relationship suggests the exponential relationship coefficient, which corresponds to the parameter parameter R-lfl = exp[ a((f-l)] exp[a(f-1)l ~ m Only points for where at<0 a'0 is a parameter. parameter. 0179. 0 179. 5 (corresponding to a measurement days). 00 12. Both graphs cyclic patternn pattern appear to display a slight cyclic graphs appear of residuals about the regression line. 32 These results might be applied as follows. Given instantaneous data for flow or H-ion concentration measured at regular intervals of T> 15 minutes, the maximum, mT, is obtained.

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