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Masking 580 species present in the us and Canada west of the a hundredth Meridian, the American Museum of ordinary historical past Birds of North the US Western Region is the one advisor to exploit a completely built-in photographic method of profile the intense variety of birds generally noticeable west around the nice Plains and West Coast.

Ideal for birdwatchers and chook fanatics of all ages, and together with details on habit, nesting, and habitat, the American Museum of ordinary heritage Birds of North the US Western Region contains detailed sections on species came upon in basic terms within the Southwest and for species which are unusual or quite restricted in distribution.

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85 –2kg) Social Flocks Lifespan Up to 21 years Status Localized DATE SEEN WHERE NOTES 41 WATERFOWL Order Anseriformes Family Anatidae Canada Goose plain grayish brown wings with darker flight feathers grayish brown upperparts and sides Species Branta canadensis black head very long neck broad white chin strap ADULT white U-shaped patch on rump paler upper breast IN FLIGHT white undertail feathers smaller, white chin strap ADULT dark brown overall ADULT T he Canada Goose is the most common, widespread, and familiar goose in North America.

Prefers pothole and grassland habitats; found almost anywhere near water in winter. Winters south to northern South America and the Caribbean, in freshwater and coastal bay habitats. 3kg) Social Flocks Lifespan Up to 21 years Status Secure DATE SEEN WHERE NOTES 47 WATERFOWL Order Anseriformes Family Anatidae Mallard broad-based wings dark eye-line and cap short, round, pale tail MALE (WINTER) Species Anas platyrhynchos oliveyellow bill grayer head orange bill with blackish patch yellowish brown back rusty MALE (SUMMER) underparts mottled brown belly heavy body metallic green head FEMALE FEMALE blue wing patch brown underparts bright yellow bill warm gray body narrow, white neck collar IN FLIGHT whitish outer tail feathers short, black curls above white tail chestnutbrown breast MALE (WINTER) T he Mallard is perhaps the most familiar of all ducks, and occurs in the wild all across the Northern Hemisphere.

48 darker eye-line From the western prairie pothole country of Canada and the northern US, the Gadwall’s range has expanded as it has adapted to man-made bodies of water, such as reservoirs and ponds. In winter, mostly found on lakes, marshes, and along rivers. MOTTLED DUCK 1 olive to yellow bill thicker, longer bill buffier face whitish tail Length 18 –221⁄2in (46 – 57cm) Wingspan 33in (84cm) Weight 18 – 45oz (500 –1,250g) Social Winter flocks Lifespan Up to 19 years Status Secure DATE SEEN 46 WHERE NOTES WATERFOWL Order Anseriformes Family Anatidae Species Anas americana American Wigeon MALE (BREEDING) white underwing patch IN FLIGHT long, pointed tail rufous-edged wing feathers gray head dark smudge around eye narrow, black line along bill gray head contrasts with pinkish brown breast and flanks warm brown breast and flanks FEMALE cream forehead and crown green band from eye to nape MALE (BREEDING) blacktipped bill black rump pinkish brown flanks O ften found in mixed flocks with other ducks, the American Wigeon is a common and widespread, medium-sized dabbling duck.

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