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Pressure to get on with life, to shorten mourning periods such as Introduction to Set xxix Judaism’s Shiva and its equivalents in other traditions, are immense and all-pervasive. If the old-time role of public mourner was a matter of social convention and control, grief as private psychological process—what we now are left with—is intensely policed. Grieving that is too extreme, too disruptive of social requirements such as employment, and grieving that lasts too long: again and again, there are warnings about such problems in the clinical literature.

The funeral industry has adapted to the demand for cremation in creative ways. Many funeral homes have built crematoriums on the premise or contracted with nearby crematoriums for the service. In this way, funeral directors can continue to control the disposal of the body and charge for refrigeration and transportation services and a cremation container. By law, bodies must be cremated in at least a cardboard box, but some families are willing to purchase a beautiful wood casket for the cremation.

The growing elaboration of Puritan funeral practices was also apparent in their graveyards. 6 These symbols served to warn the living of the judgment awaiting them, but the ubiquitous winged skull also suggested the possibility of transcendence. In addition, tombstones began to contain epitaphs such as the following, which was routinely used until the nineteenth century. Remember me as you pass by as you are now so once was I. As I am now you soon must be. 7 Despite efforts to retain the simple but dignified farewell of the early Puritans, death practices among white, middle-class, urban New Englanders had grown considerably more elaborate and expensive by the eighteenth century.

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