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Arians within the 3rd century advert maintained that Jesus used to be much less divine than God. considered as the archetypal Christian heresy, Arianism was once condemned within the Nicene Creed and it seems that squashed by way of the early church. much less popular is the truth that fifteen centuries later, Arianism used to be alive and good, championed by means of Isaac Newton and different scientists of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. This booklet asks how and why Arianism continued.

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17). But although Goths played a significant part in it, the dispute was primarily one between Greek-speaking Christians within the empire. Maximinus, the Arian bishop who disputed with Augustine on the Trinity in North Africa and through whom Auxentius' account of Ulfila has been preserved for us, had close links with Gothic Christians and it has even been suggested that he may himself have been a Goth. 84 84 E. A. Thompson, The Visigoths in the Time of Ulfila (Oxford, 1966), 119-25. That is unlikely, and even if he was, the sources on which he drew and the character of his work are indistinguishable from those of any Latin writer of the time.

77 77 See Tanner, Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, i. 30-2. Tanner translates the phrase as 'in the time of the fathers', but the context seems to require the sense 'their forefathers' (cf. H. Wolfram, History of the Goths (Berkeley, 1988), 85). As far as the Goths were concerned, that implied acceptance of their Arianism. To Catholics within the empire the remarkable thing was not that these barbarians should be misguided Arians, but that they should be Christian at all. 45 allowed to read the Scriptures and to preach at public worship.

12 12 For detailed references see Wilbur, A History of Unitarianism, i. 15-16. Even when charged with Arianism by Peter Caroli, Calvin refused to defend himself by a formal act of subscription to the three creeds on the grounds that he 'had pledged his faith to the one God not to Athanasius, whose creed had never been approved by any true church'. 13 13 Calvin, Opera, ed. G. Baum, E. Cunitz, and E. Reuss (Brunswick, 1863), x. 82-3. None of this, of course, begins to justify a charge of Arianism.

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