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Deep underneath the Ural Mountains, in an underground urban carved out by means of slave hard work in the course of the darkest hours of the chilly warfare, historic caverns carry unique and hazardous life-forms that experience advanced in isolation for numerous millennia. bring to an end from the skin global, a complete surroundings of unusual subterranean species has survived undetected—until now.

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This is a very important anatomical land mark! The veins draining the uterus are primarily the uterine veins and secondarily the ovarian veins. Lymphatic drainage may be through the cervix to the external iliac chain or via the isthmus to the lateral sacral nodes. Lymph drainage within the round ligaments may extend to the superifical inguinal nodes, then to the femoral, and finally, to the external iliac chain. Drainage through the suspensory ligament of the ovary proceeds to the lumbar nodes along the aorta, above or below the kidney.

The skin of the lateral surfaces of the labia majora is thick and often pigmented. It is covered with coarse hair similar to that of the mons. The skin of the inner labia majora is thin and contains no hairs. The labia majora are made up of connective and areolar tissue, with many sebaceous glands. A thin fascial layer similar to the tunica dartos of the scrotum is present within the labia just below the surface. The round ligament of the uterus passes through the inguinal canal (canal of Nuck) to end in a fibrous insertion in the anterior portion of the labia majora.

Nonetheless, small fragile, fibrin-deficient vaginal clots may form because of the presence of mucoprotein and glucose in an alkaline moiety. , unusual nutritional and psychologic states). (Also see p. 707) THE TYPICAL MENSTRUAL CYCLE The menstrual cycle is mediated by complex neuroendocrine mechanisms. A single releasing hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), has been identified for the gonadotropins folliclestimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). GnRH is produced in the hypothalamus and transmitted to the anterior pituitary (where the gonadotropins are produced) via the periportal vascular system (Fig.

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