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By Natalia Ladygina, Francois Rineau

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Biochar, a biomass that's burned at a really extreme temperature within the absence of oxygen, has lately turn into an engaging topic of research. Biochar is extremely good and doesn't degrade; it possesses actual houses that help in retention of food within the soil. using biochar will absolutely have an important effect not just on soil food but in addition on soil organism groups and their functions. Read more...

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5 Mechanisms of Biochar Stabilization There have been a number of recently published reviews discussing the mechanisms which may stabilize BC or biochar in soil and account for biochar’s longevity in the environment (Czimczik and Masiello 2007, Lehmann et al. 2009, Knicker 2011). Certainly inherent chemical or molecular-recalcitrance is a major factor, though this is highly dependent upon environmental conditions, as discussed above. There has been much study of whether BC is physically stabilized by its interaction with soil minerals, soil OM, or occlusion within microaggregrates that include both OM and clay-sized minerals.

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