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Galli, they range from CZ5 to C34 , with C31 as the major component. The aglycones from the diol ascaroside and the diol diascaroside are a mixture of unbranched, long chain diols. Originally, it was thought that the hydroxyl groups were on carbons 2 and 6 of the long chain diols. 5). The diol ascarosides have one glycoside link and one free hydroxyl group per mole, whilst the diol diascarosides have two glycoside links per mole. Again, the distribution of the carbon chain lengths varies slightly between species.

Minutus cystacanths contain predominantly saturated long chain alcohols (C 12 to C 20 ), mostly C I6 and CIS, esterified with long chain fatty acids (C I2 -C ll ), with C I6 and CIS: I predominating. The significance of the enormous amounts of wax esters in the cystacanths of P. minutus is obscure. Wax esters function as storage lipids in some protozoa and in a number of marine invertebrates, particularly copepods. In marine organisms, wax esters may have a buoyancy function, since they have a lower density than the corresponding triacylglycerols.

So, as in other animals, it is the 'depot fats', the triacylglycerol fraction, that most closely mirrors the dietary fatty acids, whilst the structural phospholipids have a more conservative fatty acid composition. A similar relationship can be shown in C. verticillatum, where again there is a high correlation between triacylglycerol composition and dietary lipids, rather less correlation for phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine and very little correlation for the other phospholipids I 4 .

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