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Various devices are in use to measure exposures or exposure rates. Absolute measurements can only be made using highly refined equipment and techniques, and great care has to be exercised in the interpretation of measurements. Many devices are strongly energy dependent and are sensitive to geometrical relationships between source, absorber,- and surroundings. One other unit which is often encountered is the rem. When considering only the effects of X- or γ-radiation, the rem is for most purposes numerically equal to the rad.

On a smaller scale, Bryant (48) has investigated the effect of a Stevenson screen on the time constant of a thermometer. 5 min. Bryant notes that these values are much larger than the time constant of an unshielded thermometer, suggesting that the screen has a dominating influence. Examples of second-order responses include the resonance of structures in gusty winds and the development of oscillations (the seiche) in lakes. , the period for which the system oscillates freely in the absence of external forces.

Food production and reproduction rates decline, with a further population decrease due to starvation or death by old age. Eventually, the food supply is just sufficient for the population. However, old age further reduces the number of consumers, permitting the rate of food production to increase again. On a much shorter time scale, the data of Parkhurst and Gates (57) show an oscillatory behavior in both surface temperature and transpiration rate of a cottonwood leaf during a 3-hr period; the experiment was performed under constant laboratory conditions.

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