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By Brad Price, Sybex

ISBN-10: 0782143210

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Offers accomplished and straightforward to stick to summaries and reviews of the fabrication options for ceramic and ceramic composite specimens, and elements.

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Offers accomplished and straightforward to keep on with summaries and reviews of the fabrication suggestions for ceramic and ceramic composite specimens, and parts.

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There are also other fabrication methods for some speciality bodies, that is, fibers, balloons, beads, and bodies of designed porosity, including foams, which may entail various combinations of these methods (polymer pyrolysis), those entailing sintering, or both, which are discussed in Chapter 7. Deposition of coatings by various vapor processes is briefly discussed, while the use and significant potential of CVD for bulk monolithic and composite ceramics are more extensively discussed. Similarly, coating via various melt spray deposition techniques are noted, while making large bulk bodies by such methods are more extensively treated.

Hot pressing), which has seen considerable production use, and sintering under hydrostatic pressure (HIPing), done either following sintering or instead of sintering, which has seen some production use. Both of these pressure-sintering processes generally reflect higher costs, but have growing areas of application, and opportunities for further development as discussed in Chapter 6. There are also hot-forming processes, such as press forging, that have seen some investigation by starting with a sintered body or combining powder consolidation and hot forming of simple shapes.

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