New PDF release: Chemical Reactor Modeling: Multiphase Reactive Flows

By Hugo A. Jakobsen

ISBN-10: 3319050915

ISBN-13: 9783319050911

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ISBN-13: 9783319050928

Chemical Reactor Modeling closes the space among Chemical response Engineering and Fluid Mechanics. the second one variation includes volumes:
Volume 1: Fundamentals.
Volume 2: Chemical Engineering Applications
In quantity 1 many of the basic thought is gifted. a number of numerical version simulation software examples are given to clarify the hyperlink among concept and purposes. In quantity 2 the chemical reactor apparatus to be modeled are defined. numerous engineering versions are brought and discussed.

A survey of the often used numerical tools, algorithms and schemes is supplied. a number of useful engineering purposes of the modeling instruments are offered and mentioned. The operating rules of numerous experimental innovations hired so that it will get information for version validation are outlined.

The monograph is predicated on lectures usually taught within the fourth and 5th years graduate classes in delivery phenomena and chemical reactor modeling and in a put up graduate direction in sleek reactor modeling on the Norwegian collage of technology and expertise, division of Chemical Engineering, Trondheim, Norway. the target of the e-book is to offer the basics of the single-fluid and multi-fluid versions for the research of unmarried and multiphase reactive flows in chemical reactors with a chemical reactor engineering instead of mathematical bias. geared up into thirteen chapters, it combines theoretical facets and useful purposes and covers the various contemporary learn in numerous components of chemical reactor engineering. This e-book encompasses a survey of the fashionable literature within the box of chemical reactor modeling.

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