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In the first place, it must be said that this apparatus is not exclusively sectoral. A group of concepts, ideas and notions, borrowed it is true from the fundamental scientific disciplines - from biology to philosophy furnished a framework for the specifically sociological: 'power', 'mode of production', 'ideology', 'structures of kinship', 'religious life', 'culture', 'organisation', 'superstructures' among many others. We must distinguish this first group from the specific contribution of sociology, a science mediating between the social sciences, and a method and a vision through which to consider the problems of society - for example: 'charisma' , 'implicit ideology', 'messianism' , 'organic solidarity', 'social control', etc.

Four circles of social dialectics, in place of the single circle of endogenous social dialectics. The simplistic, Manichaean world is no longer, though it once suited the electoral ism of countries endowed and sated with possessions, and given to the division between heaven and hell, during that short period of calm that lasted from the Treaty of Vienna to the October Revolution, Yalta and the founding of Communist China. Four circles, whose precise structure, imbrication, reciprocal interactions, relative density and specificity merit the attention of researchers.

If we consider the period of the ascent of Europe, and later of the West, it becomes clear that the latter has been able to form an image of man which stands at the centre of a philosophy of culture which has different stages, but which exists within a civilisational framework whose name and appearance is that of a universalist and rationalist humanism. Throughout this complex period, the Orient not only continued to exist, but continued to playa vanguard role in the movement. Until the fourteenth century, in Islam and the Arab world; until the sixteenth in China through its science and its civilisation.

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