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Your entire consultant to a better rating at the *AP Environmental technological know-how examAbout the book:IntroductionReviews of the AP examination structure and scoringProven innovations for answering multiple-choice and free-response questionsPart I: topic ReviewsCovers all topic parts you may be demonstrated onEarth's platforms and resourcesThe dwelling worldPopulationLand and water useEnergy assets and consumptionPollutionGlobal changePart II: perform Exams3 full-length perform checks with solutions and whole explanationsPart III: ResourcesGlossaryCase StudiesLabsLaws and TreatiesProven test-taking strategiesFocused studies of all examination topics3 full-length perform examsCD comprises the book's three tests + 2 bonus examsRequires Adobe Flash participant 9.0 or larger

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The three types of plate boundaries are ■ ■ ■ 18 Transform plate boundaries: Transform plate boundaries are commonly known as faults and are found on the ocean floor. At the zone of transform plate boundaries, tectonic plates slide in a sideways motion past one another. As they slide and stick, friction and energy build up. When the pressure is eventually relieved, earthquakes can occur at these boundaries. Examples of transform boundaries exposed on land include the San Andreas Fault in California and the Alpine Fault in New Zealand.

05 to 2 mm. Sand is not conducive to plant growth or crop growth unless the plants’ requirements for water are low. Loam is an even mixture of sand, silt, and clay particles. Generally, loamy soils with a pH close to neutral are ideal for agricultural plant growth because of their ability to retain water and nutrients. S. Department of Agriculture pH The pH scale measures hydrogen ion concentrations on a scale of 1 to 14. 1 to 14; a pH of 7 is neutral. Soils that are acidic lack nutrients, and alkaline soils can contain an excess of sodium.

Decomposers are bacteria or fungi that absorb nutrients from nonliving organic matter, such as plant material, the waste of living organisms, and dead organisms. When diagramming food chains and food webs, the arrow that shows the energy flow always points from a lower trophic level to a higher trophic level, as illustrated in the following simple food chain. Food Chain Producer → grass → Primary Consumer mouse → Secondary Consumer → → snake → Tertiary Consumer hawk The two food webs shown below are simplified versions of actual food webs.

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