Compiler Construction Using Java, JavaCC, and Yacc by Anthony J. Dos Reis PDF

By Anthony J. Dos Reis

ISBN-10: 0470949597

ISBN-13: 9780470949597

Huge in scope, related to thought, the appliance of that conception, and programming expertise, compiler building is a relocating goal, with consistent advances in compiler expertise occurring. at the present time, a renewed specialise in selfmade programming makes a high quality textbook on compilers, that either scholars and teachers will take pleasure in utilizing, of much more very important value. This publication covers each subject necessary to studying compilers from the floor up and is observed by way of a robust and versatile software program package deal for comparing initiatives, in addition to a number of tutorials, well-defined tasks, and attempt circumstances.

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B -» bB 3. 10, every derivation of a terminal string must end with production 2. Thus, every terminal string must have at least one b. 11, every derivation must start with production 1. Thus, in this grammar as well, every terminal string derivable from S must have at least one b. 7 TECHNIQUES FOR GENERATING LANGUAGES WITH CONTEXTFREE GRAMMARS One way to become skillful at analyzing and writing context-free grammars is to observe and catalog the various techniques that you can use to generate strings.

That is, bb* = b+. In general, for a string x and a set of strings A, xx* = x*x = x+ and AA*=A*A =A+ We call the set that results from the application of the plus operator to a string or a set of strings the positive closure. 5 Show that {A} |b+ = b*. Answer: {A} | b + = {A} | {b, bb, bbb } = {A, b, bb, bbb,. } = b*. 11 QUESTION MARK OPERATOR (ALSO KNOWN AS ZERO-OR-ONE OPERATOR) The question mark operator specifies an optional item. We can apply it to either an individual string or a set of strings.

12 1. S -» Sbc 2. S -» d production 1 is directly left recursive. It generates the list (be)* from right to left. Production 1 terminates the list by generating a leading d. It, therefore, generates the language d(bc)*. 7 TECHNIQUES FOR GENERATING LANGUAGES WITH CONTEXT-FREE GRAMMARS 31 Notice that the three occurrences of be are generated right to left. Direct left recursion generates lists right to left. Sometimes a language that contains lists cannot be generated using either direct left or right recursion.

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