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All the energy gathered during this cycle is combined to form a beautiful pearl of Compassion energy. This pearl is then used to open and cleanse specific channels that pass through the physical body into the Energy Body. Summer - Fire - Heart Love, Joy, Happiness Indian SummerEarth - Spleen Openess, Fairness Kindness, Generosity Spring Wood - Liver Gentleness, Stillness Winter - Water Kidneys Courage, Righteousness Autumn Metal - Lungs Fig. 7 Creation Cycle in Nature and Human Body - 44 - Cosmic Fusion Yin movement Feeds Fig.

Loosen, Stretch and Warm Up the Body before Meditating Once you have a quiet place and are ready to meditate, spend time loosening up the body, particularly the spine, before you sit down to practice. The Universal Tao recommends doing some stretching exercises, Chi Kung and Tai Chi before you begin to meditate. These exercises are both invigorating and relaxing; they relieve muscle tensions, stimulate the blood circulation, get rid of stale air in the lungs and oxygenate the blood. As an alternative, you can take a relaxing stroll outside.

This first step is essential to the rest of the Fusion practice. One of the best ways to get this image deeply connected in the mind is to draw it on a piece of paper and place it over your abdomen. Or, if you are a little more adventurous draw it directly on the abdomen. When you draw the pakua, use blue for Yin, red for Yang and black for the frame. Sometimes it helps to work with a partner. Draw the pakua over your partner’s abdomen, and do the meditation facing one another. This way you can glance at the pakua and know what forces to work with.

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