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ISBN-13: 9783319304304

This quantity discusses views on cosmopolitanism, in addition to ideas and the paintings of key figures. for instance, it examines academic, philosophical and historic views, offers with such matters as citizenship, internationalism, patriotism, globalization, hegemony and lots of different issues. It brings jointly works on Alain Badiou, Giorgio Agamben, Ernesto Laclau, Bruno Latour and Homi Bhabha with works on Whitman, Kant, Martha Nussbaum, Thomas Pogge, Onora O’Neill and Philippe Van Parijs.

The ebook engages within the new discussion on cosmopolitanism from quite a few outlooks. It advances that discussion and problematizes it via as but unexplored paths. Its chapters reply to the intricacies of present discourses on cosmopolitanism and similar notions and take note of either affirmative and destructive stances to cosmopolitanism and its academic importance. total, the booklet depends on such stances as history fabric which will go beyond them and supply clean views on cosmopolitan stakes. It uses a contemporary tendency in political philosophical and cultural-critical debates that opens possible of extra nuanced techniques to previous ‘-isms’.

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A politeía is by definition ruled by laws. What kind of pólis, political relations, and laws are we talking about here? As indicated in Eikeland (2008a:413–422), several concepts of “politics” are at play in Aristotle. He distinguishes between (1) politics as found “empirically”, surveying contemporary extant societies; (2) politics as it should be, dealing with 25 Pol1274b39, 1275a7, 1276a18-b15, 1295b1, cf. 1278b9-12, 1279a26-27, 1280b30, Metaph1016b6-16 2 Cosmópolis or Koinópolis? 39 everyday matters; and (3) what he calls true and primary politics or the truly political.

How we evaluate and judge what we perceive. This was the realm of (inner) freedom and personal responsibility. Zeno’s successor Cleanthes appears to have used a simile of a dog tied to a horse and cart to illustrate the human condition (Long and Sedley, 62A). The dog following willingly is free. The resisting dog is unfree. Aristotle’s thinking about continuous potentials and activities gave space for a different, more dynamic approach, illustrated by Alexander of Aphrodisias (fl. 200 AD) in his De Fato.

Arendt (1958:23f) warned against conflating the social with the political, reducing politics to sociality, the way mediaeval translations of politikós to socialis in Latin invited. The meaning of pólis was non-local from the start. Talking about Athens or other pólis, the ancients talked about the community members (Athênai = Athenians) who formed the citizenship, not the city’s buildings or location. According to Aristotle, a pólis was not even identical to its specific members. It was more “deethnified”.

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