Jonathan Swift's Cuento de un tonel (Taurus Great Ideas) PDF

By Jonathan Swift

ISBN-10: 8430617760

ISBN-13: 9788430617760

40 grandes rules que han cambiado el mundo.

Esta fábula indecente y exuberante es una unique sátira sobre los angeles política, el exceso religioso, l. a. moda, l. a. locura y el acto de escribir. Mediante el arma de los angeles parodia, quick emprende una crítica del entusiasmo, el orgullo y l. a. credulidad.

A lo largo de los angeles historia, algunos libros han cambiado el mundo. Han transformado los angeles manera en que nos vemos a nosotros mismos y a los demás. Han inspirado el debate, los angeles discordia, l. a. guerra y los angeles revolución. Han iluminado, indignado, provocado y consolado. Han enriquecido vidas, y también las han destruido. Taurus publica las obras de los grandes pensadores, pioneros, radicales y visionarios cuyas rules sacudieron l. a. civilización y nos impulsaron a ser quienes somos.

La crítica ha dicho sobre «Great Ideas»...
«Los libros son preciosos [...]. Permiten decorar una habitación, aunque al ultimate lo único que uno quiere es amueblar su mente. "Great Ideas" hace ambas cosas.»
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3 But, when cities or provinces are used to living under a prince, and his bloodline is eliminated-since on the one hand they are used to obeying, and on the other they do not have the old prince-they will not agree to make one from among themselves and they do not know how to live free. So they are slower to take up arms, and a prince can gain them with greater ease and can secure him­ self against them. But in republics there is greater life, greater hatred, more desire for revenge; the memory of their ancient liberty does not and cannot let them rest, so that the most secure path is to eliminate them or live in them.

7 So, when these heads had been eliminated, and their partisans had been turned into his friends, the duke had laid very good foundations for his power, since he had all Romagna with the duchy of Urbino. He thought, especially, that he had acquired the friendship of Romagna, and that he had gained all those peoples to himself since they had begun to taste r well-being. JI do not want to leave it out. Once the duk had ta en ove Romagna, he found it had been commalliied by Impotent lords who had been readier to despoil their subjects than to correct them, and had given their subjects matter for disunion, not for union.

The formal or plural you. 18 rius's5 government, you6 will find it similar to the kingdom of the Turk. Therefore, for Alexander it was necessary first to make an all-out attack on him and drive him from the field; after this victory, with Darius dead, that state re­ mained secure for Alexander for the reasons discussed above. And if his successors had been united, they could have enjoyed it at leisure, nor did any tumults occur in that kingdom besides those they themselves incited. But it is impossible to possess states ordered like France with such quiet.

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