How you can be involved and make an impact in just a few minutes!

Everyone seems busier than ever! However, you would still like to support a charitable organization that has significant impact. So the question really is can you spare 5, 15, 60 minutes or more? Get involved today in just a few minutes, Achieve with us.

Contact Scott Camilleri at The Arc Alliance to learn how you can get involved today – – 610-265-4700

Five Minutes

15 Minutes

60 Minutes


  • Volunteer at local event
  • Attend a board sponsored event
  • Attend a fundraising dinner
  • Participate in the $400 – 4 week Fundraising event
  • Support a family in need – a great opportunity to impact a family

Your support at work in your community will accomplish great things!

$60 – Provides one hour of individual Advocacy
$75 – Provides Physical therapy resources for an individual
$100 – Provides resources for one family support group
$200 – Provides transportation for a disabled individual
$750 – Will provide an iPad and software for speech therapy
$1,100 – Enables staff members to receive required training