Yoladyu have come to the right place! The Arc Alliance was founded in 1951 by people just like you – caregivers, guardians, protectors, advocates, but most of all loving parents. Frustrated by the lack of services and supports for their children, these parents founded this resource for families living with disabilities. The Arc Alliance strengthens people with disabilities, their parents, family members, and dedicated professionals by…. We are part of the nation’s leading advocate for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families and the premier provider of the supports and services you want and need.

TomWhether you are concerned about the future for your child about to be born with an intellectual or developmental disability or you have a child with I/DD who is enthusiastically changing into a young adult with evolving needs, we can help. Maybe you and your child are growing older and are uncertain about what will happen next or you want to know what you can do to help them reach their goals? No matter your situation, you are first and foremost the parent of a child who needs you now. We understand.

We know that you need support, information and resources to care for your child through the course of their lifetime and yours.

The Arc Alliance will support you by…

IMG_2031We invite you to explore our site, become a member and utilize all of the resources  and publications The Arc Alliance can provide for parents of children with I/DD.