Trosemariehe role of sibling to a person with an intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) is as complex as it is inspiring. The Arc understands the unique relationship you have with your brother or sister. You have been involved in their life as an advocate and as a friend; you may have even assumed full care giving responsibilities. The Arc is led by parents, siblings and other family members of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and by people with I/DD themselves, and actively involves them, as well as their caregivers. Many of us at The Arc know firsthand what it is like to grow up with a family member who with I/DD. We understand and share the vision you have for a full and independent life for your sibling.

To do this, The Arc brings together people with disabilities, their families, dedicated professionals and others to create hope, growth and positive change. We strengthen people with disabilities, their parents, family members, and people who are important in their lives by connecting them across our national network of 730 community-based chapters. No other organization serving people with I/DD comes close in terms of the breadth and depth of The Arc’s reach into local communities.

Through organizations like The Arc, your sibling receives supports and services that he/she needs to become a valued, contributing member of their community and you have access to the resources you need to help them achieve their life’s goals. We are committed to the full inclusion of people with I/DD in all aspects of community life throughout their lifetimes.

As the nation’s leading advocate for all people with I/DD and their families, and the premier provider of the supports and services people want and need, we can help:

  • Find out more about specific diagnoses;
  • connect with other siblings in a support group on a discussion board;
  • find services in your community at a local chapter; or
  • gather more information about issues that are important to your sibling through our position statements on critical issues.

Also, The Arc can help you become an advocate not only for your sibling but for the millions of people with I/DD throughout the country. Find out how you can support the efforts of The Arc and, learn more about public policy issues, and get involved.

We invite you to explore our site, become a member, connect with our chapters and utilize all of the resources The Arc can provide for siblings of individuals with I/DD.