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Supports Coordination – There for you and your family!

My son Matthew Newell is 20 years old and has been receiving supports coordination services from The Arc Alliance for several years now.  Our supports coordinator, Ashley Miller, has been wonderful from day one.  She has done everything a supports coordinator is supposed to do for our son and way more.  She is knowledgeable and quite supportive.  Furthermore, she keeps us in mind when particular events come up that she thinks we should be made aware of, which is above and beyond what is necessary.  At a time when we are getting ready to venture into the uncharted territory of transitioning from high school, I feel fortunate to have her working with us because I know she is working hard for my son’s best interests.  In addition, there are informative gatherings from time to time that are offered, as well as events that they try to put together for the families that they service.  I can honestly say when you are serviced by The Arc Alliance, it feels like you have a whole team helping you navigate the next phase of your child’s life.  I think we can all benefit from the level of guidance that they provide.

Anne Marie Newell

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