Special Tiny House on Wheels Initiative

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The Arc Alliance Special Tiny House on Wheels (TAASTHW) initiative seeks to address a historic, systemic and compounding problem of an adult child with Intellectual and Developmental Delays (I/DD) transitioning from a room in their parent’s house or a group home to a life of independent living and home ownership.

You like all parents desire to see your child become independent and cognitively you understand the long-term benefits, unfortunately, you have of safety and the unknown or “what if’s” that paralyze you from initiating plans and moving forward. The reality is you are not alone!

Three years ago little was known about The Tiny House Revolution, yet in a short period of time the understanding, acceptance, # of builders and diversity of design has multiplied.  In addition to the community at large, municipalities are now addressing antiquated zoning regulations allowing for Tiny Houses.

TAASTHW initiative is a unique option at the right time, addressing the questions and fears of both individual and parent while preparing for the imminent crisis of aging caregivers.

The Arc Alliance is excited about this initiative and thrilled to help you, your family, and your child make this fantastic step toward independence.

Sample Layout

Smart Intel Options
One Floor No Loft
First floor Bedroom with Loft extra Bed/Storage
How might this initiative help you and your child?

The Special Tiny House on Wheels initiative will provide your adult child with I/DD and your family the proximity, independence, experience, long-term consistency and confidence to make this significant step. The mobility of the home also enables the your child the freedom to move from one location to another if and when necessary, addressing your long-term question of; “where is my child going to live when I’m gone”.

If you are interested in learning more and how you, the company where you work, the company you own or a social group you are involved with can get involved please contact Scott Camilleri. 215-527-5531 or email

How you can get involved and learn more!

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