What is The Arc Alliance Special Tiny House on Wheels all about?

The Arc Alliance Special Tiny House on Wheels (TAASTHW) initiative seeks to address a historic, systemic and compounding problem of an adult child with Intellectual and Developmental Delays (I/DD) transitioning from a room in their parent’s house or a group 2010-666home to a life of independent living and home ownership.

All parents desire to see their child become independent and cognitively they understand the long-term benefits, unfortunately, their fears of safety and the unknown paralyze them from initiating plans and moving forward.  Three years ago little was known about The Tiny House Revolution, yet in a short period of img_1173time the understanding, acceptance, # of builders and diversity of design has multiplied.  In addition to the community at large, municipalities are now addressing antiquated zoning regulations allowing for Tiny Houses. TAASTHW initiative is a unique option at the right time, addressing the questions and fears of both individual and parent while preparing for the imminent crisis of aging caregivers. To wait is to perpetuate the problem.

Issues Individuals and Families Face:

– Fear of the unknown – Increasing life expectancy – Reductions in governmental support – Lack of independent living experience – Aging care givers – Adult child’s safety – Limited affordable living options – Uncertainty of increasing rent – Limited individual and family financial resources – Uncertainty of parents health

Innovative Independent Living Project:

The Arc Alliance Special Tiny House on Wheels initiative seeks to provide a creative option for individuals with I/DD and their families to obtain affordable, long-term, consistent and mobile living option, addressing key concerns and providing time for both the individual and family to build personal confidence for this and future living options.tiny-house-verticle

Examples of Layout and design – special-tiny-house-on-wheels-exmples

Initially, The Arc Alliance would like to provide a total of 4 individuals with I/DD (2 per year for 2 years) a Special Tiny House on Wheels where they can take the next steps of independence. Through this initiative in concert with The Arc Alliance Achieve with Us life skills program, participants will be supported to build, maintain and expand their life skills leading to successful independent living.

1-amanda-ricciAreas the Achieve with Us program supports:

– Life Skills – Cooking – Safety – House Care/Maintenance – Medication and Supportive Services – Personal Care – Transportation – Personal Financial Management – Employment

This innovative project encapsulates the essential elements that individuals and families seek when planning for their future.

The Special Tiny House on Wheels initiative will provide the person with I/DD and their family the proximity, independence, experience, long-term consistency and confidence that together they can make this significant step. The mobility of the home also enables the individual to move from one location to another if and when necessary, addressing parents long-term question of; “where is my child going to live when I’m gone”.

How to get involved:

Request information on how your Adult Child participate in living independently in a Special Tiny House on Wheels email

Donate – Just imagine the effect your donation will have —making dreams come true for individuals and parents. Contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more to The Arc Alliance, you’ll be supporting individuals to take great strides toward their dream! To Donate select the amount below and make an online donation or contact The Arc Alliance at 610-265-4700 ext 7205


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