On July 10, 2012 the R-Phills hosted the first ever home run derby for a minor league. They did an outstanding job making this inaugural event very family friendly and very R-Phills!

The proceeds of the event will go to The United Way of Berks County which in turn helps several non-profit organizations like The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services. We were also provided the opportunity to present The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services in several ways. First through an autograph session prior to the event and then when our hitter Mark Sobolewski of the Blue Jay’s minor league team represented us as he hit home runs!

Dan Mc Auliffe and Will Camilleri, represented The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services by accompining Mark up to the plate and were able to sit on the field as he took his turn hitting home runs.

We hope all that were able to attend enjoyed the event and time with family!