As I was leaving the office last night, I heard Paul Stengle down the hall as he realized that yesterday was his 26th anniversary with The Arc Alliance. Not surprising is that Paul has had many milestones during his time here at The Arc Alliance. Honestly, he has experienced at least 6 name changes and has had offices in 3 different locations. When he started 26 years ago, the entire budget for the agency was around $350,000, today The Arc Alliance budget is topping $6,000,000. In the early years we served around 60 children at any time, whereas today we serve around 800 at any one time!

I’m sure there are other interesting and funny anecdotes, events or milestones that you can think of. Why not post your comment here or on our Facebook page for everyone to see! Remember he’s getting up there in age (is there another milestone around the corner?) so be KIND and only family friendly stories!

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