Title Card“Our son Dylan suffered a perinatal stroke at birth. Through Early Intervention, Dylan worked with therapists from The Arc Alliance.

We cannot say enough about Dylan’s physical therapist, Beth WerkheiseIMG_0808r. She had started working with him when he was a month old. She quickly became part of our family. Not only was she incredible at teaching us stretches, exercises and daily activities to improve Dylan’s everyday functions, but she also formed a bond with Dylan (and our family) that we will be forever grateful for. She is an asset to The Arc Alliance organization and any child would be lucky to receive her care!

DSC_7116Dylan’s Occupational therapist, Lauren Palladino also played a large role in the successes Dylan saw from his therapy. Together they would practice techniques to improve his fine motor skills. Lauren made these activities fun and had such a positive attitude. Dylan always looked forward to his next session. DSC_5994

Dylan turned three in May so sadly his time with the Arc Alliance is over. It was extremely difficult saying goodbye to these two wonderful therapists. However, with every milestone our special little boy reaches, we will think of them and everything The Arc Alliance has done to help him. We cannot thank them enough!”

~The Miller Family