Since meeting Andrew, I quickly realized how devoted he was to the individuals on his caseload. He works tirelessly to advocate for his families and will prioritize meeting their needs over many of his other tasks.  Andrew feels a strong sense of responsibility for his families that goes above and beyond of what is expected.

Andrew supported a parent of an individual that was having a medical emergency. He not only supported him through the crisis, he visited him in the hospital and provided outreach.  He knows that some of the things he has done for family are outside the scope of a Supports Coordinator. He does them because he knows that it is the humane thing to do, the right thing to do.

Andrew feels strongly and deeply for the people he serves, despite the toll that this sometimes takes, as many of us in the field experience “compassion fatigue” or “secondary trauma,” Andrew is a support to his fellow Supports Coordinators.  He is a constant presence in the office, he offers support and advice to his colleagues. He also has joined our legislative committee to help advocate for Supports Coordination with our state legislators.  I am very lucky to work with Andrew. His commitment and dedication are an inspiration of what is truly important in this work.   – Amy Daly, Supports Coordination Supervisor