Brendan lives in Willow Grove and is always keeping busy. He works as a bagger 3 days each week at Giant and receives job coaching services through ALTEC. This is a job he’s had for over 15 years. When not at work, Brendan goes into the community to various stores and restaurants. Some of his favorite places include the Apple Store, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and dining out at a Chinese restaurant or Miller’s Ale House.

Brendan is also very involved in sports, mainly through Special Olympics. He has been swimming since 2000. His favorite swim style is the backstroke, particularly the 100-yard backstroke but he also enjoys the 50-yard freestyle. Brendan has even gone to Penn State to compete in swimming events. Although he enjoys swimming very much, he also has a passion for skiing, which he has been doing since 1994. Every year, usually in February, Brendan goes to Seven Springs Resort in Champion, PA. In 2010, the Special Olympics honored Brendan with an award for “Best Sportsmanship”. What made this even more special was the fact that the president of the Pennsylvania Special Olympics handed him the award and his story was posted to the Special Olympics’ website.

When not working, doing sports, or spending time in the community, Brendan enjoys traveling. His sister lives in San Diego, CA and he has visited her twice. One of Brendan’s favorite places to travel is Disney World. He has been there 3 times so far. During his most recent trip, he spent 10 days at the Disney and Universal theme parks. Brendan used a “fast pass” to skip the lines and went on the Simpsons and Transformers rides, and spent time in Epcot and Magic Kingdom. To always remember his trip, he purchased a souvenir t-shirt and sweatshirt.

Throughout his life so far, Brendan has traveled many places and experienced many things. When asked what accomplishment he’s most proud of, Brendan said “making new friends and always trying to grow in life.” These are wise words, for which almost everyone can incorporate into their life. Thanks to Brendan for sharing his story!