Legislative Breakfast with Represenatives of Bucks County

This morning, several of The Arc Alliance executives, board members and service providers met with Bucks County  state representatives and staff members to discuss issues and challenges facing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are grateful to Senator Robert Tomlinson of the 6th District, for his hospitality and work bringing together those we met with today.

Paul Stengle & Albert Sutter Jr.

At this meeting The Arc Alliance was pleased to present Senator Tomlinson The Arc Alliance’s Vincent J. Fitzpatrick Award for his life-long achievements and contributions to significant improvements in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Senator Tomlinson was not able to be in attendance, however the Senators District Director, Albert Sutter Jr. graciously accepted the award from Paul Stengle on his behalf.

The Governor’s budget with the various and significant cuts to services for those we serve was a significant topic of concern during our meeting. Paul Stengle facilitated the time incorporating those in attendance into the discussion enabling the representatives from Bucks County to hear from a variety of voices. We also presented several other key issues of concern from reform of special education , school climate for students with disabilities to the increasing waiting list issue, increased admittance to state institutions, employment and the inequity of the due process within school related issues.

It was a full and high paced meeting covering many significant and critical issues! We thank all those in attendance!