As a child, Carol found out that she had a brother with special needs who passed away before she was born. This gave her a passion for working with children. Carol was originally going to school to be a teacher. When she learned about her college’s physical therapy program and that she could work with children, Carol was interested. She’s been a physical therapist for over 30 years—including in California, on a Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and 10 years with The Arc Alliance). Carol develops deep relationships with her families that sometimes  last past the few years that she serves them. The service coordinators love working with Carol because she is nurturing to the families and a team player. She is that therapist that delivers Christmas toys to the families and picks up and passes around equipment to the children—she is appreciative of the sense of community amongst our agency and the families.

Carol, her husband, and two daughters enjoy biking, time at the beach and hiking the woods with their dog. She is a certified yoga instructor and makes herbal remedies that she shares with family and friends.

Amidst this year’s challenges, Carol has found positivity in providing virtual early intervention—she said it is wonderful to watch the parents learn and build on all of the strategies and to witness the amazing progress the children make. Her dog, Stitch, makes guest appearances on the screen and has prompted a few to crawl and walk! Carol loves to travel and has missed it this past year and a half. She is looking forward to getting back to planning trips.