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PA General Assembly Recognizes Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children Month

Led by the Early Childhood Education Caucus co-chairs, Senator Pat Browne (R-Lehigh) and Representative Phyllis Mundy (D-Luzerne), the Pennsylvania Senate and House adopted resolutions on October 1 recognizing October 2012 as Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children Month, “recognizing that every child in Pennsylvania deserves access to quality early learning opportunities and that it is the responsibility of every citizen of this Commonwealth to help our children reach their promise.” You can read the full resolutions on the PA General Assembly website. House Resolution 864 (PDF) Senate Resolution 366 (PDF) Many thanks to the Early Childhood Education Caucus and their staff for raising awareness of the importance of quality early education among their colleagues. The following legislators also co-introduced the resolutions in the House and Senate. [...]

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Proposed Changes to the Definition May Risk Eligibility for Services

From The Arc US The following is directly from The Arc US e-newsletter. We hope that it is beneficial for you and your family. Take action today! Background: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is published by the American   Psychiatric Association (APA) and covers categories of mental health disorders, medical conditions, and cognitive impairments for both adults and children. The 5th edition of the DSM has been under development for a number of years and will be published in 2013. APA is accepting comments on its draft until June 15. The APA is proposing to revise the definition of “Mental Retardation”. While The Arc supports replacing this outdated and stigmatizing term, we have several concerns about APA’s proposed new term, “Intellectual Developmental Disorder” and how it [...]

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Act today!!!

  Action is needed today. You have a key opportunity to stop the cuts and the block grant. The House floor debate on the budget (votes on amendments to the budget bill) began today.  Rep. Gene DiGirolamo offered several amendments to S.B. 1466, the budget bill passed last month in the Senate, related to the Governor’s proposal for a Human Services Block Grant. The Arc of PA members should communicate your opposition to the Governor’s Human Services Block Grant by asking legislators of both parties in the House to support Rep. DiGirolamo’ s “amendment.”  As you know, the Governor’s proposal cuts nearly $30 million from the ID Community Base appropriation, and puts all of the remaining funding for this program at risk of being [...]

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Last Thursday, we sent an urgent alert asking you to support Rep. Gene DiGirolamo's (R-Bucks) Amendment (A10823) to the State Senate's budget bill (SB 1466). This Amendment "kills" the Governor's Human Services Block Grant proposal by transferring existing funding for six human service programs, together with related federal funds, back to their original appropriations. Starting TOMORROW (June 5), the PA House will debate the state budget. Along with A10823, Rep. DiGirolamo will offer several Amendments to SB 1466, including: A10905, which transfers and      restores the funding for these programs back to this year's funding levels A10900, which contains      language that prohibits the establishment of a Human Services Block Grant THIS AFTERNOON (June 4), the House Republicans and Democrats will caucus separately on [...]

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Broken Promises to Moms-Rally for the Crisis!

Governor Corbett’s budget affects those who through no fault of their own, are the most vulnerable children and adults with intellectual disabilities! While the proposed budget call...s for an increase of 3.9% for State Centers/Institutions Governor Corbett is cutting over $146 million of support and services for families! Follow the link for more details on this critical and strategic event! Link to The Arc Alliance Events Page for this and other upcoming events!  

Funding Cuts to Human Services

In support of families and local providers of services to families and individuals with special needs, we are posting this letter to the editor from David H. Crosson, CEO Indian Creek Foundation. Join us on May 12th at 10am on the steps of the Doylestown Courthouse as The Arc Alliance and other providers and families rally to bring visability to this issue! Letter to the Editor Recently Governor Corbett released his budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1, 2012.  The budget he is proposing reduces funding in seven areas of human services by 20 percent each. While we understand the need to manage a tight budget, the Governor’s proposal places a disproportionate share of the cuts on those who are the most [...]

The Govenors Budget does not take care of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Below is a link to a powerful YouTube video of Representative Tom Murt, as he testifies in front of the House Appropriations Committee, to the inability of the current administrations proposed budget to adequately address the issues facing Pennsylvania citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Representative Murt cleary articulates the inequitable burden this administration is placing on families and providers by its policy and budgetary cuts. He's right when he says, no other industry would be subject to rate cuts mid-year, after services which the state has approved, have been provided. The haste to balance budgets must not be put on the shoulders of those in most need! His closing remarks bring to the forefront the critical issue of how short sighted the proposed budget is and the likely potential [...]

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