Someone In Our Corner – by Anne Marie Newell

My son Matthew's journey started when my son was diagnosed with PDD at 21 months.  We were soon thereafter introduced to MARC because we were told that he was entitled to certain therapies at home, including speech, OT and PT too, I believe.  These people were frequent visitors in our home to help Matthew bridge the gap in the areas that needed boosting, so they were coming often 2x per week.  As you can imagine, the therapists would eventually feel like friends because of the amount of time they spend with you and your child.  It is a good thing to have when you are just starting to get used to the "new life" with the impact the diagnosis can have on you as the [...]

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Early Intervention was the best decision – by Erica Mash

At my son’s second birthday party, I observed my best friend’s child try to engage my son in play, he ignored her. At his 2 year old checkup (a week later), our pediatrician asked approximately how many words does he have in his vocabulary. My answer (as it turned out) led to a discussion about Early Intervention. My son’s diagnosis was life changing. Hi, my name is Erica and I have a son with ASD. His name is Joey and was receiving services from The Arc Alliance. Tara Yerger (Service Coordinator) has been so helpful in Joey’s care. She came over my house on Christmas Eve (of all days) to help with my son’s MA (Medical Assistance) application. Tara’s dedication to her job is [...]

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Our Family’s Journey – by Allison Mallee

My name is Allison Mallee and I am the mother of a wonderful four year old boy named JP Mallee.  I am writing this article to share our family's journey and to express our sincere gratitude and thanks for the support provided by The Arc Alliance and the multiple wonderful people we have met through their organization. My husband and I tried for multiple years to get pregnant to no avail, we went through multiple rounds of IVF and were on the brink of giving up when a miracle occurred. After multiple hormone injections and doctors visits and needles and setbacks, we were finally told that our determination and prayers had paid off and that we were going to finally be parents. After what [...]

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