Chandler Balch – Just say Hi!

Hello everybody, What should you do when you see someone with a disability? How about, saying Hi! Today I watched some videos on Cerebral Palsy. These videos were very short and to the point. These videos were PSAs about how to speak to a person with a disability. In one of these videos, actor William H. Macy was asked, “How do you say hello to a person with a disability?” “Umm, Hi.” It might be plain and simple, but it is the truth. These videos say to just say “hello” to a person with any disability, we are just like everybody else. The PSA’s are basically telling you that you should not be afraid to talk to us, because we will most like to [...]

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Chandler Budget Impasse

I'm not sure Harrisburg cares! We need to let them know that we care and we can make a difference! Paul Stengle Addressing Families Today the blog will be about the meeting with legislators that The Arc Alliance held on November 12th. There were about six or seven legislators present. The reason they were having this event was because of the recent budget impasse. Pennsylvania still does not have a budget! Legislators Addressing Families The Arc Alliance wasn’t the only organization present. There were many other human services organizations also there to tell their stories. There were also parents there to advocate for their children. Some of the stories they told were very emotional, you could see it on their [...]

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Families in Crisis Montgomery County Human Services Roundtable Budget Cuts and Impasse

  On November 12th The Arc Alliance, Resources for Human Development and the MAX Association joined together in hosting a legislator discussion with families who have a loved one with special needs. Over 110 individuals representing families and providers of services and support came together with 10 legislators and Aids from Montgomery County to tell their stories of the budget impasse and how it is affecting their family. The legislators heard many examples of how the lack of a budget is impacting their loved one as well as requests for expansion of funding for Human Services in the future. Several families presented how their children, who graduated from High School this past May have been pushed to the margin because no new individuals with intellectual [...]

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Chandler Balch – A teenagers view of the budget impasse

Hello everybody, This is a bit of a long blog but it's important! Today my blog will be about the budget impasse and its effects on organizations like The Arc Alliance and families they serve. Today, I have read a few articles pertaining to the budget impasse. If you did not know, Pennsylvania does not have a budget right now. If you are a typical person you may be thinking, I don’t know why I should care, it doesn’t affect me yet. However, down the road when your kid asks, why is this school program canceled or why can’t I go to physical therapy, you will have to tell them point-blank that the program is canceled and that the therapist isn’t working right now [...]

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Chandler Balch – A Visit by the Pope

Hello everybody, Today that blog will be about Pope Francis Blessing a boy with cerebral palsy. Before I start in on the actual blog I want to fair warn you that I do not normally talk about religion or anything having to deal with religion including blessings that is just how I feel. As you all know Pope Francis came to Philadelphia this past weekend, it was a big deal. I mean they made it impossible for people to drive just so that this guy could come and visit. Did you see any of it on TV? Today I am going to talk to you about my thoughts on a specific event. On Saturday, the Pope was driving in his motorcade and he saw [...]

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Chandler Balch – Comedy Night

Hello everybody, Today my blog will be about the Arc Alliance comedy night. What do you get when you take a bunch of people inside of a firehouse, two comedians and of course, myself?  Answer: you get the greatest night of comedy ever! Last Friday the ARC Alliance put on a comedy benefit to support the organization. I went to the benefit and today I’m going to tell you about my experiences. The event was held at the King of Prussia Firehouse. There were food trucks serving dinner and I had a sausage which was very delicious! When we got into the venue, there were many tables set up for us. I was actually lucky enough to sit with Tim Lawrence, Carol Lawrence’s son. [...]

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Oh the places you’ll go!

Hello everybody, Today my blog will be about a wrap up of the whole blog year and what is coming up in the future. Sorry to say that this is my last blog for the 2014 – 2015 school year :-(  All good things must come to an end, but don't worry, I will be back next year in full swing. Before I get started reminiscing about the current year, I'd like to mention that the “What If…” campaign will also be in full swing next year. It's just the fact that we started so late and then I had never done that type of thing before. We are having trouble figuring out what direction we want to take it and hopefully by next [...]

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Chandler Balch – The Arc Alliance Awards Dinner

Hello everybody, today my blog will be about the ARC Alliance’s award banquet. As I mentioned in last week's blog, my friend received The Arc Alliance Volunteer Achievement Award at The Arc Alliance Award Banquet. Today I get to tell you all about the events of that night. The event was hosted by JP Mascaro and Sons in Audubon. There were about 100 people there including myself and Dr. Roche, the Assistant Superintendent of Spring-Ford High School. There were several volunteers supported by The Arc Alliance in one way or another, all coordinated by the volunteer coordinator, Carol Lawrence. I think she had the toughest job there, trying to keep track of all of us. It cannot be easy, but I give her credit. She [...]

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Chandler Balch – SNAP – Spring-Ford Prom 2015

Chandler wrote this blog a few weeks ago prior to the Prom. Unfortunately, It did not get posted! Take a look and let him know your thoughts. Hello everybody, today my blog will be a little more on SNAP. Today I'm going to talk to you about the Spring-Ford SNAP program. SNAP stands for Students Need an Alternative Party. This Spring-Ford SNAP program helps organize its after prom party for the juniors and seniors. Last year I went to prom, but I did not go to the after party, but I heard it was a lot of fun. SNAP is run by a team of parents in the community of Spring-Ford. It was created to keep the student body safe on prom night. The [...]

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Chandler’s day in Harrisburg, The Arc’s Advocacy & Policy Day 2015

Hello everybody, Today my blog will be about my day in Harrisburg. Monday April 15th, The ARC Alliance and I went to Harrisburg to speak with some of our legislators. We talked about legislation that we want passed, just like we did when we went down to Washington. Mom and I went down to Harrisburg a day earlier which was good, because like many who travel we had problems checking into the hotel. Mom and I stayed at the Crown Royal which was where the event was held. When we got up to our room, it was a decent size, not too big not too small. The hotel room also had a decent size television with a lot of channels to choose from. In [...]

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