Our Journey in the Special Needs World – by Sandy Katz

When I reflect on the start of our journey in the Special Needs world following the birth of our baby girl with Down syndrome, I think of our Early Intervention team at the Arc Alliance (then MARC!).  I am so grateful for the foundation they helped me establish. Within a month of her birth, a team from The Arc Alliance had come to evaluate Brianna and see how they could help.    I remember in addition to feeling overwhelmed by the diagnosis, an odd feeling about having these “strangers” ~ social worker, and speech, occupational and physical therapists~ in my home on a regular basis.  Within a very short time, these strangers became friends and Brianna and I looked forward to their visits. The team [...]

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“Achieve with us” – by Julie Gerhart-Rothholz

The most prominent statement on The Arc Alliance's webpage is "Achieve with us", and the actions of Arc therapists demonstrate a commitment that makes that happen. I became very familiar with and grateful for The Arc Alliance when my son Evan was born with Down syndrome. It's difficult to describe feelings parents have when they receive an unexpected diagnosis, but in an instant, your carefully laid plans are interrupted and your world tilts on its axis. My husband and I knew immediately that Early Intervention (EI) was critical, and we called to obtain EI services upon leaving the hospital with our son. Evan's EI case landed at The Arc Alliance, and his therapy began when he was only one month old. From the first [...]

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Come Walk In His Shoes

When kids think of “special needs” they think of the differences in each of us.  It is to bad because you will miss out on getting to know some really neat people that way.  I know this because I have a brother with special needs and he has taught me a lot. First of all I don’t look at Tim as being different.  I look at him as being my brother.  My parents have always treated us the same so I don’t see him as a person with special needs but a regular brother who can be a pain just like anyone else’s sibling.  But where Tim is really special is that he is always there for me.  He is the biggest supporter in [...]

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My Best Friend – by Jenna Caffarello

Most little girls play with dolls. They brush their hair and put a pretty dress on them. They hug and squeeze them and whisper “I love you” at night. They take this doll everywhere. It becomes their best friend. I had one of these dolls, and I still have her today. My doll is different than the rest. She’s 4’11 with long brown hair and almond shaped eyes. She sparkles and shines wherever she goes, and her angelic voice keeps me going in life. You can’t buy this doll at the store, because she’s truly one of a kind. My doll is my sister Alaina, and I would not trade her for all the dolls in the world. Growing up my sister and I [...]

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Never Underestimate Tim – by Carol Lawrence

Each birthday my son celebrates, I find myself looking back to the memorable times in Tim’s life.  Even though it was difficult to find out that Tim had Down syndrome, the period that always comes to mind is the days that we spent at the MARC Early Intervention Program (now would be The Arc Alliance Children's Services).    Back when he was in the program it was center based so we went to a church in Norristown.  Interacting with other children in class and having his individual therapies was so valuable to who Tim has become today.  He worked very hard to learn new skills and make his body stronger.  The word that never came to mind was LAZY.  Tim was a very determined little boy [...]

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Preparing for His Future

In September 1998, one day before out twin sons 7th birthday, and four years after our daughter was born, our family celebrated the birth of Kevin Thomas Lezynski.  He was the long awaited baby brother.  He weighed 8 pounds, was 21 inches long, he had beautiful rosy coloring and blond peach fuzz for hair.  One look at him and my husband, Jerry and I were in awe (once again) at the happiness a new baby brings.  It only took a few minutes for us to realize there was a different feeling in the delivery room.  The nurses were quiet, they left the room and our doctor came in.  He told us of his suspicion that Kevin had Down syndrome.  Our journey was going to [...]

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