2020 Holiday Appeal

Dear Friend, The air is crisp today, and the changing of the seasons is bringing us closer to the holidays. With the economic effects of COVID-19 having a disproportionate effect on individuals and families served by The Arc Alliance, we are anticipating a surge in support requests. I am writing to you today to request your support this holiday season. Every dollar counts and we need your contribution to make a difference in the life of individuals with a disability. COVID-19 has taken so much from the individuals we serve, and their families. Day programs were closed, virtual Early Intervention services have increased stress among parents and caregivers, and adult clients in independent living have been cut off from family and friends due to [...]

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Regarding COVID-19/The Coronavirus

March 18, 2020 Dear Friend, Like all businesses in Pennsylvania, The Arc Alliance adjusted our operations due to COVID-19/The Coronavirus. This is an evolving situation that is changing rapidly. The CDC is recommending social distancing and to stay at home to help defeat this pandemic. Our staff are working from home to support the individuals we serve. Our Spring fundraiser, Gin and All That Jazz, is cancelled due to the CDC recommendations. Due to this, we need to ensure our doors will stay open after this pandemic subsides and we can return to business as usual. Since 1951, The Arc Alliance has been in your community serving children, teens, and adults with disabilities. In order to continue this work, we need your help. If [...]

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2019 Annual Campaign – Colton’s Story

“I am a foster mom and received a phone call for the placement of a ten week old baby who was abused at five weeks old. He suffered a traumatic brain injury. When I met him, I was stunned by his appearance. He held a downward gaze, his body was limp, and he did not have functional use of his limbs. The silence was deafening. He never cried. During discharge, I was taught how to administer his medications, feed him through a feeding tube, and was told he would never make ‘a meaningful recovery.’ It was heartbreaking. I had never cared for a medically fragile child before and I was unsure of what his future held. Colton proved them wrong. One of the [...]

Chandler Balch – Disability Awareness Month

Hello everybody, Imagine you were watching TV and all the TV played was the same episode of Full House over and over and over again. Wouldn't you get pretty bored, I know I would. Today my blog will be about National Disability Awareness Month 2015 and how it affects the “What if…” campaign. Did you know that March is National Disability Awareness month? Did you also know that Disability Awareness is a huge problem. I do not think that enough people know about disabilities. We need to spread the word.  That is why the “What if…” campaign is so important. We need to be able to get the word out to people. We need to let them know that disabled people are no different than [...]

Chandler Balch – Snow and the small things of life!

Hello everybody, today’s blog will be about snow and the small things. Due to the unfortunate weather situation, I had a lot of time off from school. Now, a typical kid my age would probably run out to go play in the snow with his or her friends, but obviously with my disability, playing in the snow is a little more of a challenge than it is for a typical person. I can't throw snowballs like the other children in my neighborhood. I can't go sledding, or skiing, which is just impossible. I have come to the realization that I can't ski. I actually went on to the internet to see if it was possible to ski in a wheelchair, but found it indeed [...]

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ABLE Act Passes House and Senate

We are thrilled to report that a few moments ago the United States Senate passed the ABLE Act which will now head to the President’s desk to become law! After 8 years of hard work, families are one step closer to being able to save more effectively for their children’s futures. Adult children with disabilities will be able to save for their own futures while maintaining services like Social Security and Medicaid. United States Congress Press release Casey-Burr ABLE Act Passes Senate, Heads to the President’s Desk to Become Law Casey and Burr-Led Effort Passes Easily with 78 Senate Cosponsors - Bill Previously Passed the House with 404-17 Margin ABLE Has Been Called “…the broadest legislation to help the disabled in nearly a quarter-century.” Washington, DC- [...]

Chandler Balch – I need your help!

Hello everybody, I need your help coming up with ideas for a movement to go along with my campaign. I bet you have seen the ALS ice bucket challenge. Scott and I are trying to figure out a movement that will set us apart from all of the other people in social media. I had the idea of a flash mob. If you don't know what a flash mob is, it's where people go into a certain store and randomly start dancing. There was one involving this song “Happy” and kids with Down syndrome. Everyone seemed to really like that. Scott even integrated it into a post on the website. Now that I've given you a little bit of background I want you to [...]

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How to ask TD Bank to donate to The Arc Alliance

Asking TD Bank to donate to The Arc Alliance is easy. All you have to do is: Call TD Bank at 610-792-1455  and ask for Brian Ewing.  Brian, or any associate at your local Branch, can help you. Tell them that you want the bank to donate to The Arc Alliance through the Bank's Affinity Program. If you are an existing business or individual depositor in any branch in the U.S. just give them your name and account number(s).  That's it - you are done.  Just one call. If you are not yet a depositor, Brian (or anyone, at any branch) can help you open an account.  Then just ask the Bank to donate to The Arc Alliance as explained above. Eligible accounts include [...]

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