What do you do to get ready in the morning? Most likely you take a shower brush your teeth, and think nothing about it; it’s just your normal routine. For me that is not a normal routine. I use a shower chair with Velcro straps because I can’t stand on my own in the shower and I get a lot of help from my mom.


Now, let me describe what it’s like for me to take a shower. First I get undressed, which seems like an easy task but my mom has to take off my clothes. This is fine when you are young but it gets old as you grow up. I appreciate my Mom and what she does for me and now I’m use to all the help she provides. Next I get into a shower chair which has wheels and she takes me to the bathroom; the shower chair has Velcro straps and arm supports. By the way this shower chair is not the most comfortable thing in the world! Then my mom washes me. After we are done in the shower she dries me off. We then do everything in reverse to get back to my room and dressed for the day. As you can imagine there are times when I wish I could do all that on my own. However, in life there are many things we all wish we could do but can’t for one reason or another. Like everyone I just suck it up and move on with life. There are many things I can do, like this blog so I try to focus on what I can vs. what I can’t do!

Now that you know what a simple act like getting ready in the morning takes for me, let me tell you what happened three years ago.
One day after I came back from summer camp I was finishing up getting a shower my mom had to go get a bath towel, while she was gone the Velcro straps came lose and I fell out of the chair on to the title floor and I knocked my two front teeth out. And by the way it does hurt when you hit a tile floor.
I went to the dentist and he provided false teeth. Just recently however, they came out for the second time. The glue that held them in place loosened and they popped out. So as the holiday song goes, “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth” and a new computer wouldn’t hurt either!

Last week I provided a brain teaser, but no one tried to solve it or if you did you were too scared to post your answers! So come on man!, give it a try! Hey, Mr. Scott said that the first correct response would get a Holiday Surprise from The Arc Alliance! That’s not a bad deal! So come on man and give it a try!

Last Saturday The Arc Alliance hosted an event titled breakfast with Frosty and Santa. It was a huge success with over 265 people in attendance. I hear there were craft rooms, music classes and a ton of breakfast food. The Staff of The Arc Alliance made and served the food and coordinated all the activities. I would have come but that’s too many toddlers for me to deal with! Check out The Arc Alliance Facebook page for pictures from the event!