Hello everybody,

This week my blog will be about a review of a movie or a TV show. Today Scott suggested that I review a movie or a TV show that I enjoy. I’m going to give you my thoughts on “How I Met Your Mother” and how it relates to me. Before I give you my opinion on the show, I’m going to give you a little bit of background. “How I Met Your Mother” is about a guy named Ted. Ted is telling his children how he encountered their mom. There are five characters in this show, Ted, Lilly, Marshall, Barney, and Robin. They all live in New York City. They all live different lives but are good friends.

I thought it was a very good show. The creators of the show did a nice job coming up with the contents. Most of the actors were hilarious, except for the one that played Ted.  I did not think he was very funny. I especially enjoyed the time it took Ted to tell the story of how he met his children’s mother. Besides being funny, this show was also serious at some points. For instance, the episode about the Super Bowl showed that even though everybody knew the score of the game, they still all came together to hang out as kind of a family. It showed that some of the best moments can be with family and friends. Sometimes the characters in the show do not always get along. This relates to me because I don’t always get along with my friends and family members. Sometimes we argue, scream and fight, but we always go back to the way things are supposed to be. I often thought that some of the characters’ storylines were close to my life. Like for instance, my Aunt Donna’s a first grade teacher so being able to relate the character of Lily, who plays a kindergarten teacher, to someone in my life was very nice. Another character I can relate to my everyday life is the character of Robin. She is a reporter for a local news station. That is what I want to hopefully do some day. Well, I have other ideas for what I want to do when I get out of high school, but that is my number one choice. Unfortunately, I have no one I can relate to for Barney or Ted. What I can say is that Barney has some of me in him. Because, he has a handsome smile and charming good looks. Although his personality is kind of far off from myself. I am witty, but I would never do half the stuff that he did. I enjoyed the ending to this series; I thought it was nice how the creators brought it back to Ted wanting to be with Robin. One of the drawbacks I have about the show is that the storylines were sometimes a little confusing, because they had a lot of information to take in all at once. At least that’s how I feel, maybe you feel different.

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Chandler J