Hello everybody,

I need your help coming up with ideas for a movement to go along with my campaign. I bet you have seen the ALS ice bucket challenge. Scott and I are trying to figure out a movement that will set us apart from all of the other people in social media. I had the idea of a flash mob. If you don’t know what a flash mob is, it’s where people go into a certain store and randomly start dancing. There was one involving this song “Happy” and kids with Down syndrome. Everyone seemed to really like that. Scott even integrated it into a post on the website. Now that I’ve given you a little bit of background I want you to tell me what you think we should do. Thanks for your help. Remember you are helping to change the world, one suggestion at a time. We have to take small steps to get to where we want to go. This is just one of those small steps we have to take.

Thank you,

Chandler 🙂

Now on another note: I want to know what you are doing for the holiday season. I’ll be back next Tuesday where we will talk more. I just wanted to know what you have planned. On Saturday my family and I are having a Christmas party. Every single one of my relatives will be there. That is going to be a lot of fun. We are having roast beef for dinner and I believe Santa is coming as well. Are you having any holiday parties?