Bringing reality to Harrisburg,

through the testimony of those facing real issues.

On January 31, 2017 Chandler Balch, student intern for The Arc Alliance, along with other self-advocates from across the state and staff from both The Arc of PA as well as  The Arc Alliance met
with several Legislators and their staff to discuss issues facing individuals with disabilities.

The meetings focused on key legislative issues concerning those persons with disabilities and their families. The issues presented covered Burden of Proof placed on parents verses school districts, the troubling Waiting List for I/DD Services, lack of funding for valuable services, increased employment opportunities as well as the closure of state institutions. Chandler took an active role presenting concerns focused on the lack of employment opportunities as well as the challenges graduating students face due to the states lack of funding for the waiting list.

Chandler passionately and thoughtfully presented his concern for his friends that will be graduating this year from high school and are facing an all to common reality of sitting on the couch at home, due to the states failure to prepare for them upon graduation. He urged each legislator to work with the governor and pass a state budget that will address this issue. Too often, individuals graduating from high school, who desperately need the support, are left behind by the state and are placed on a growing waiting list for services.

The Arc Alliance join Chandler in his fight in securing this “lifeline” of support for the thousands of individuals on the waiting list and for those graduating from high school this year who face a similar fate. Join us today and contact your legislator to urge them to adequately fund the waiting list, enduring that Chandler and his friends receive the support the deserve and desperately require.

Find your local legislator here – LINK