Hello everybody, today my blog is about a news story that I saw online.

Today I was tasked with finding a current event to write about so I saw a video about a movie theater where all of the theater’s employees have disabilities. I’m going to give you my thoughts on that video. I thought the video was very interesting. The owner of the theater is a perfect representation of why I am doing this campaign. She already knows that everyone is different, but even though most of her employees have disabilities, she still treats them as if they were not disabled. I think that it is very awesome that there is a person like her offering people with disabilities jobs. Her employees have jobs ranging from ticket sales to cashier. There is even a guy that makes posters and commercials for the theater. A lot of those employees have to overcome their mental and physical issues in order to work there, but they overcome them. This is just another example that you can overcome any challenge that you set your mind to.

How this story affects my life is it shows me that there is a lot of compassion for disabled people and that there are people in this world that think very highly of the disabled community. If I could, I would like to meet the young woman who opened up this theater and thank her for her contribution to the disabled community. If I could open up my own business to disabled people so that they could work underneath me, I would open up an amusement park. The workers would all have some sort of disability and I would pay all of them a very good amount of money to work for me. There would be rides like the tilt-a-whirl and roller coasters and maybe even a tower of terror knock off, since that is my favorite ride down at Disney world.

I’m almost done for the day. Before I go, I would like to remind you about the thing I posted on the “What if…” Facebook page about the little boy on Ellen. I’m patiently waiting for your comments. Once again, I look forward to reading them. The link to the video is attached to the post. In a couple of days, I will also be sharing a video that my Aunt Donna gave to my Mom. I would like to hear your thoughts on that as well, thank you. That’s about it. See you next week and remember it only takes one person to change the world and I am changing the world one post at a time. Make it a great day or not, the choice is granted for you. Have a good day,

Chandler 🙂

This is the link to the video I wrote about in my blog: