DSCN0012Hello everybody, this week my blog will be about SNAP, which stands for Students Need an Alternate Party. Nearly one-third of all drunken driving deaths happen to people ages 16-20. SNAP’s mission is to make that number smaller. SNAP is Spring-Ford’s party planner for prom. In order to raise money for the event, SNAP holds fundraisers. Some of these events are an annual dodge ball tournament, Dancing with the Stars, Spring-Ford’s Got Talent and a Prom Dress Boutique. I have been to two of their fundraisers. I attended the Dancing with the Stars show and the Spring-Ford’s Got Talent show. I have enjoyed those events and plan on going again. If you were wondering who attends these functions, it is the Spring-Ford community. SNAP advertises throughout the area to let the community know about upcoming events. Also, many people from the 11 different Spring-Ford schools help raise money.

I like the idea that SNAP keeps students off the road and out of danger. SNAP would not be possible without all of the willing volunteers. They work very hard to make sure that the people in attendance have fun, but also are safe. I think what they are doing is a fantastic way to raise money because people are more inclined to donate money when you are voting on a talent competition because that means your favorite act might win. If you would like to learn more about SNAP, feel free to visit their website at http://www.sfSNAP.org/.

See you next week!

Chandler Balch