Hello everybody. Today my blog will be about the different ways teachers can help students with disabilities. Just like everyone else, kids with disabilities can go to public school. There are different challenges in school that kids with a disability have to face. Some of the challenges I have to overcome are; sometimes I have trouble seeing small print. That means at times I need things enlarged. I also have difficulty tracking. That means sometimes when I am reading, my eyes will wander and I will lose my spot. My teachers highlight every other line to make it easier for me to track. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t make everything easy for me, because most of the time they expect me to be as independent as possible. The challenges for a first grader might be different than the challenges for an 11th grader. One of the challenges I had in first grade was, I could not use a computer. A great solution that helped me out was a touchscreen. One of my therapists got it for me. Another one of the challenges I faced in first grade was I could not get around on my own. The instructional assistant that was with me pushed me around in my wheelchair. Now, I am able to drive my electric wheelchair by myself. That means my instructional assistant can just meet up with me in the classroom and not have to push or follow me. A student with a hearing disability can get help from someone who knows sign language. A student with a vision disability, can get text books printed in Braille. A student who has a problem speaking can get help from a speech therapist. There are many ways teachers can help a student with a disability. I have only listed a few. If any of you know a teacher who has helped a student in a special way, I would love to hear about them.

Chandler J