Hello everybody,

Today my blog will be about more technology related topics. To be so specific, I would like to talk about the iPad and the apps that I use to do school work. Last time, I posted a blog about technology and how it has changed from the time I was born. This time, I’m going to tell you about how I utilize the iPad to accomplish some of my school work. Mr. Feldmann, my special education teacher, has given me an iPad to use for the past couple of years; there are three specific apps that I use on the iPad.

The first app that I am going to tell you about is, “Read to go”. Read to go is an affiliate of a service called “Book share”. Book share is a service where people who are disabled can get books for free. They even do braille for blind people.  One of the advantages of this app is that it will read to you. Just a fair warning, if you ever use this app the voices are computer-generated. They are nothing like James Earl Jones.

The next App that I use is called “Dollars and Cents”. It is used to help with your change making skills. You can pretend like you are a cashier at a supermarket and give customers their change.  First you have to enter in the amount of money that they gave you on the cash register and then you give the customer back their change. For example if the amount was $20.10, you would enter $20.10 into the cash register and then press enter and then it will ask you to give the customer their change which in this example is $1.05. They give you an assortment of coins and dollar bills to use and you would have to make $1.05 which in this case is made by a dollar coin and a nickel if you were just wondering.

The next app I am going to talk about is called, “Raz-Kids”. This app helps you with your decoding and comprehension skills. It gives you stories to read and then questions at the end of each story.

As I said last week, every week before I sign off, I’m going to give you a question pertaining to the topic we just talked about. Today I am actually giving you 2 questions. Here is this week’s questions. Note: This one is more geared to school teachers. “If you have an iPad, what do you use it for in a classroom setting? Question number two, is geared to both the public and to school teachers. “Do you think the use of the iPad in a classroom setting is a good or a bad thing? Yes or no and please explain your answer.

That’s about it for this week. My name is Chandler and I hope to see you back here in the very near future 🙂