Everybody, this week my blog will be about the second month of school and how it’s going. Two months have passed since the beginning of school it has been a lot of fun but a lot of hard work to. My favorite class is still math, but my least favorite class is transition to work, I would like transition to work if it were more like math! Another favorite class of mine is Family Consumer Science because I like to cook and also the teacher makes it fun and interesting. If you have been reading my blog you know how much I really do like food! It’s been a lot of hard work but next month it’s all going to pay off when we go bowling and to Wendy’s for lunch. So as you may imagine bowling for me is a bit different then for other kids my age. Being in wheelchair causes a bit of a problem for me. I use a ramp and push the ball down the ramp toward the pins. I have an assistant who positions the ramp where I direct. So I have control over the direction and it’s on me if I miss or get a strike! My highest score has been a 182(I think), not too shabby.

Of course if the work wasn’t hard they wouldn’t call it school. The first marking period concludes tomorrow so we are one quarter in and do we have three quarters to go. Report cards will be coming out in one week. The second quarter has my two favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are great because they both revolve around food and I like presents!!

Every Blog from now on is going to have a question to answer at the very bottom of the page before I sign my name here is your first question its November 1 which means Thanksgiving is coming up your question is what is your favorite Thanksgiving memory and why? They’ve answers as a response thank you Chandler and see you next week.