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Chandler hard at work

Chandler hard at work

Today my blog will be about why I think educating the public on ability awareness is significant. As you know I am continuing to construct a campaign and this has to do with that project. There are many different reasons that I think this topic is important to discuss. One reason to educate the public on disabilities awareness is because the public needs to be able to understand disability awareness before they can make a positive impact. Many people may underestimate a person with a disability. If I was to ask you how much you knew about Down’s syndrome, how much would you be able to tell me? I’m betting not a lot. Most people, when you talk to them, on the street or in the grocery store ask you questions like, what is Down’s syndrome and what is cerebral palsy? Now when I get asked what is cerebral palsy, I give many different answers, but they are all not straight forward. These are just some reasons why we need to educate people about disabilities and disability awareness.

Now, I only named a couple reasons, but there are many more. Like what if someone has never dealt with a person with a disability before? Don’t you think that it would be beneficial to educate them?

I want to bring awareness to the public. I’m going to tell you some things that I want to accomplish by communicating with high school students. I want to teach High School students not to look down on people with disabilities. I also want to teach them that we are all equal whether we have a disability or not. I don’t think high school students have a good grasp of the definition of the word “disability”. So, that is my number one goal when running this campaign. I want to open at least one student’s eyes about a disability and tell them my story so that maybe they can help change the world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it only takes one person to change everyone and who knows, you might even be that person. I’ve dealt with a lot of struggles in my life, but throughout this campaign I want to teach people about the struggles that people with disabilities have. So, maybe they will help a disabled person in their own special way.

Some of the actions that show me people lack compassion for people with disabilities are when they park in a handicapped spot and avoid contact with people with disabilities. Those two reasons don’t make me feel happy but frustrated, because I know if the general public and the school population knew more about disabilities, perhaps they would not do those things. Another reason that I think people, students in particular don’t understand disability is when someone is about to walk right into the middle of where I am driving and hit me. Another student will often say watch where you’re going, or something of that nature. Another reason that I sometimes think that people don’t understand a person with disabilities is, because people sometimes do not hold the door for a disabled person. That makes me feel angry towards those people.

One action that shows people understanding is when my teacher got me a laptop so that I could do my work by myself. That makes me feel happy and grateful. Here is your question for the day, I have given you some reasons as to why I think it is important to educate the public on disability awareness, but now I want to know why do you think it is important to educate the public on disability awareness?

Also, since Halloween is coming up, here is just a fun question to add. What is your favorite candy? Enjoy your week.

Chandler J