Hello everybody,

Chandler hard at work

Chandler hard at work

Today my blog will be about what I think is the definition of “normal”. As you may know, I am launching a campaign called “What if…” I was asked to come up with a list of questions to ask the public, students, teachers and also school administration. One of my questions is what do you think when you hear the word “normal”? Today, I’m going to give you my definition of “normal”.

Many people have their own definition of “normal”. “Normal” to a 10-year-old might be someone who sits around and watches TV all day. Normal to a baby might be playing with toys and taking a nap. Here is my definition of “normal”. This may surprise you, coming from a person with a disability, but my definition of normal is someone with no disability at all and someone who can walk without assistance. I am not saying that I am not “normal”, I’m just saying that I am unique. I wanted to share my point of view.

Now I would like to know, what is your definition of “normal”? Your definition might be a person who is 6 foot, 275 pounds and is a sumo wrestler. It could be the girl who is 7 foot tall and is a newscaster. I don’t know what your definition of “normal” is, and I don’t want to influence your thinking. However, please share what your definition of “normal” is.

See you next week,

Chandler 🙂